We wanted to bring something new into the horror genre.   A female character that is delightfully evil.
A throwback to styles that I loved, with influences from Alfred Hitchcock and ‘The Twilight Zone’, we wanted to infuse those styles into a modern world.
” – Jesse Kozel


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everyone has a sweet tooth.

Directed by: Sage Hall
Created by: Jesse Kozel
Produced by: Sage Hall & Jesse Kozel
Written by: Jenny Beres
Cinematography by: Wheat
Composed by: Abnorml Injustice


"candy" "candy." "sage hall" "jesse kozel" "jenny beres" "wheat" "Halloween" "Horror" "Debbie Rochon" "suspense" "thriller" "comedy" "decorations" "holiday" "trick-or-treat"

you've never met evil this sweet.

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"candy" "sage hall" "abnorml injustice" "Jesse Kozel" "jenny beres" "wheat" "halloween" "horror" "suspense" "trick-or-treat" "holiday" "theme" "marilyn monroe" "twilight zone"

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