I was giving a panel discussion at 2pm on Saturday and though most of the filmmakers that I had asked to do it could not make the event, Tim Anderson (producer “2:22“, writer Bloody-Disgusting) did step in and help out to moderate the panel.

The group of amateur filmmakers had terrific questions for us.  Many of which were looking at the all encompassing question of “How do I find money?”

Tim answered it best by saying “If you aren’t willing to put any of your own money into the film, then why would anyone else donate to help you?”  It’s completely true.

I have to say, there is no way you’ll ever get your film made if you’re not willing to anti-up the cash to get it started.  Start saving now for your film!  RIGHT THIS MINUTE.  There is no way that you’ll be able to get anything done if you don’t make a film fund!

People were very concerned about the camera to use, which is wise, but I kept stressing to them PRE-PRODUCTION and for the love of god, have a good story and quality talent on hand to make your film happen.

Through everything that I’ve learned, above all things, you must be willing to take the time to develop and work a story and script to a point that it is going to be easy to shoot.

Guess what kids?  If you only have a Flip Cam and you want to shoot an action sequence with your brothers Camaro spinning in circles on your residential street, chances are you will be shut down!

Try and tailor your script to fit what you know you can afford.  That includes permits!  If you can’t afford permits, then try and shoot in a location that is owned by someone you know or you own it yourself.  Your House, Grandmothers house, Friends Business.  But don’t just roll up to Wal-Mart and start filming in the parking lot.  They won’t appreciate it and I bet, if you’ve taken the time to find the right Cinematographer or DP, they’re not going to enjoy guerrilla shooting in the parking-lot either.

We talked about what kind of cameras to shoot on and of course I go right for the Cannon 5d, which you can rent for a few weeks for about a grand or buy for about $2,800.  May seem out of your range, but that camera will pay you back, believe me.  We shot “Candy.” on the 5d and thank god Sage had it, because it’s frigging amazing!

But truthfully, you can shoot a film on any kind of HD camera you might have if you’re just testing your skills.  Just get out there and shoot stuff to get practice.  Don’t assume that YOU can do everything during a film shoot because you can’t.

Thanks to everyone who came out and sat through our panel.  I hope we did give you some information you didn’t already know or some that you wanted to hear again!

I look forward to seeing what you all create!!!!!

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