We are just days away from shooting the next short film from the collaborative minds working at StarFruit Productions!
“The Couch” is a joint effort between 5 female writers and brings together one amazing ensemble.  Telling the story of many lives in a city who all interact with one inanimate object, which so happens to completely influence it’s former owner as she watches life pass by out her window.

We are fortunate enough to have a tremendously talented cast featuring: 2010 Emmy Nominee Kim Crow , Gene Costa, Jenny BeresJamie DayMichael Ellison, Travis Weston Garner, Chris Greene, Sage Hall, Jason Kimball, Jesse Kozel, Thomas Noel SmithJustin Irwin, Rod Rawlings, Korryn Day and graffiti artist Enlo Enlone.

We have a wonderful location in Sarasota, Florida called HOTEL RANOLA.

It is a wonderful boutique hotel nestled right off Ringling Blvd in Downtown
and it is the perfect setting for The Couch.

Director: Sage Hall
Producers: Sage Hall & Jesse Kozel
Writers: Jenny Beres, Mary Brown, Debby Hall, Korryn Day & Sage Hall
Cinematographer: Wheat
And many other talented crew members!

Expect more updates as they become available. But trust that this little drama is going to be thought provoking, gritty and beautiful.

Constant updates available on “The Couch” Facebook page.

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